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Augusta Precious Metals Review

Looking for a safe and reliable place to buy and sell gold and silver? Look no further than Augusta Precious metal. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we're your go-to source for all things rare metal.


Augusta Precious metal, located in Los Angeles, California, is a dealer in rare metal, including gold, silver, palladium & platinum. The company was founded in 2010 and is a subsidiary of Augusta Industries, a publicly-traded company. Augusta is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the American Numismatic Association. The company has an A+ rating with the organization.

The company offers a variety of ways to purchase rare metal, including through an online store, over the phone, and in person. Augusta offers a variety of products, including bars, coins, and rounds, and the company also offers storage options for customers. The company offers a variety of ways to purchase rare metal, including online, over the phone, and in person. Augusta offers a variety of products, including bars, coins, and rounds.

Augusta is dedicated to assisting Americans in protecting their hard-earned assets by making the process of purchasing gold and silver affordable, simple, and private. The company is a thought leader and respected provider of gold, silver, and other rare metal products, including gold IRAs and silver IRAs. For more than 40 years, the Nuriani family has prospered in the gold and silver sector by offering the best pricing in the market, high integrity, and competent, amiable personal service.

AUGUSTA PRECIOUS METALS AT A GLANCE                                                           Overall Rating


  • Most repeat business, Harvard-trained educators
  • High transparency, zero complaints, award-winning                                                    A+ BBB Rating
  • Provides gold and silver web conferences
  • 1000's of great reviews + Joe Montana                                                                    Average review rating                                                                                                                                           4.9/5 on TrustLink

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About Augusta Precious Metals

Key Features

Some key features of Augusta include:

• An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) from Augusta is a type of account that lets you make investments in gold, silver, and other rare metal.

• You have the option of having your rare metal kept in a physical vault or having them kept digitally in an account.

• You have the option to make deposits into your account on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

• The remaining balance in your account can be put toward the purchase of gold, silver, and other rare metal at the wholesale prices offered by Augusta.

• Augusta provides a comprehensive selection of rare metal, including gold, silver, palladium, and platinum, for customers to pick from.

• If you use Augusta's services to manage your account, you can benefit from the company's extensive knowledge in the field of investing in rare metal, such as Investing in Gold.

• Credit cards, bank wires, and cheques are just some of the accepted forms of payment that Augusta makes available to its customers.

• You can check the current amount of your account as well as a history of all transactions at any time online.

• Augusta Precious metal provides customer assistance via telephone, electronic mail, and real-time online chat.

• The security methods that Precious metal uses to protect your account are the most advanced in the business.

• Precious metals IRA

The company takes great pleasure in being one of the gold industry's most well-rounded organizations. In addition to having a vast selection of gold and silver products, they also provide an unrivalled precious metals IRA program.

They have a group of internal IRA experts who can assist clients with everything from opening an account to ensuring their assets are properly diversified. Furthermore, The company's clients may relax knowing that their gold will always be available when needed because it is one of the few organizations offering a physical delivery option for precious metals IRAs.

Investors interested in adding gold to their portfolio but don't want the hassle of storing it themselves can take advantage of the company's IRA program. Some analysts contend that gold retains value better than the dollar and is therefore considered a hedge against inflation. This program will store the gold for you in a secure vault and insure it against loss or damage.

• Storage

What good is gold if you can't keep it safe? They offer various storage options, from our home storage program to their network of private and secure vaults worldwide. And they're not just talking about storage for your physical gold; they also offer secure storage for your digital assets, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. So they've got you covered if you're looking to store your gold in your home safe or a high-security vault.

• Buy precious metals directly

According to IRS regulations, all precious metals IRA custodians must store the metals in an IRS-approved depository. And while most businesses will charge you a fee to store your metals in their depository, Birch Gold Group gives their customers the choice of purchasing precious metals directly from the US Mint and having them delivered to an IRS-approved depository. This can save you significant money on storage fees and allow you to take physical possession of your gold if you ever need to.

• Buy-back program

If you ever need to sell your gold, they will repurchase it from you at a spot price plus a small premium. And if you're not happy with the price they offer, you can always take your metals to another dealer and get a second opinion. But they're confident you'll find their prices fair and competitive.

• Fees to look out for

The only time you'll ever pay a fee to Birch Gold Group is when you buy or sell gold through them, and even then the fees are very reasonable. They don't mark up the price of their metals as some other dealers do, and they don't charge any hidden fees.

However, there may be some additional fees charged by the depository if you choose to store your gold in their precious metals IRA program. But these fees are typically very reasonable and will be more than offset by the benefits of having an IRA program.

Pros and Cons

Just like any other product or company, the company has its merits and demerits. It is up to you as an investor to make a choice based on these facts.


  • A+ rating with the BBB
  • Excellent customer service
  • No public customer complaints against them
  • Focus on personalized attention
  • Cost effective
  • Lifetime support
  • Joe Montana is an Augusta customer and corporate ambassador.


  • High minimum investment amount of $50,000
  • Offer only gold and silver and not platinum or palladium bullion 


Good reputation & A+ rating with the BBB

Augusta  have an AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance, and an A+ from the Better Business Bureau, This is the highest rating possible and indicates that the company is trustworthy and has a good track record and has hundreds of 5 star reviews. Plenty of customers rave about Augusta Precious Metals.

Excellent customer service

 Providing excellent customer service is Augusta's hallmark as a rare metal dealer. A team of customer service representatives is always available to assist consumers with their orders. Staff members are friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to assist when needed.

Personalized service

The Augusta Precious Metals team goes out of its way to assist you in setting up and funding a precious metals IRA, including a one-on-one webinar to answer your questions..

Cost effective

It is true that Augusta Precious Metals does not have the absolute lowest fees, but it offers competitive pricing compared to its competitors.

Lifetime support

There are also some great free perks like lifetime customer support. Augusta's services go beyond setting up your account and purchasing items. The support team will be there for you through the life of the account. The company can assist with everything from general gold education to distribution management.

Trusted corporate ambassador

Joe Montana is an Augusta customer and corporate ambassador.


High minimum investment

High minimum investment amount of $50,000

Not all bullion available 

Augusta Precious Metals  offer only gold and silver and not platinum or palladium bullion 

Quick Summary

Minimum Investment: $50,000

Fees: $180/year 

Promotion: Fees waived (depending on investment amount)

Fees & Minimum Investment 




Precious Metals IRA





$100 (if stored in a depository; $0 if stored by you)

Augusta Precious Metals Fees

Setup Fees

Typically $50 (Covered by Augusta)*

Annual Custodian Fees

$80 (Covered by Augusta)*

Annual Storage Fees

100 (Covered by Augusta)*

Shipping Costs

No cost for customers (Covered by Augusta)*


5% (on bullion products)

*Augusta will cover all annual fees for up to 10 years (depending on the size of your account - starting at Silver Account level and up).

What Makes Augusta Precious Metals Unique?

Augusta Precious Metals places great emphasis on educating its customers.  It is dedicated to educating and supporting its customers.  

The company's customer service is excellent, and its customer management is exceptional. In addition to providing information and working alongside its customers to administer additional precious metal purchases and buybacks, Augusta remains close to its customers throughout their entire precious metal portfolio lifecycle.

It is Augusta's goal to make their customers aware of the importance of investing in gold and silver. Whenever you need assistance, Augusta agents won't let you down, even after your transaction is completed.

Additionally, Augusta Precious Metals representatives get ongoing training to stay up-to-date with the precious metals industry, not just educating the general public.

You, not banks or political agencies, are our primary concern at Augusta Precious Metals. Your retirement fund is protected to the fullest extent possible by them. In addition, they guarantee to match any competitor's price. 

How to Get Started with Augusta Precious Metals

The process is very easy, there are only three simple steps  to take to securing your financial future.

Step 1.  Open a new IRA with a custodian that allows you to hold physical, gold and silver.
The custodian will act as a record keeper to keep you compliant with the IRS step. 

Step 2. Move funds from your current custodian into your new Selfdirected IRA. The transfer is a tax-free and penalty-free event.

Both of these two steps are done with standard paperwork similar to what you would find at any banking or financial firm after you set up your account and your funds have transferred.

Step 3.  Is to place your trade for gold and silver, which of the products you would like is completely up to you. Once you approve of the portfolio, you confirm your trade and lock in your prices.

Your metals are delivered shortly thereafter, if you're interested in opening a new gold IRA and protecting your retirement savings, Augusta  agents will guide you through the process and do all the heavy lifting for you.

Augusta Precious Metals

To help Americans gain retirement peace of mind, this company delivers exceptional customer experiences and education.

Final Verdict

Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are some of the rare metal available from Augusta and a wide variety of other products. The organization is dedicated to the complete pleasure of its patrons and is recognized as a market leader in the provision of products and services relating to rare metal. Everyone who is seeking a trustworthy gold dealer should consider Augusta Precious metal as a viable option.

Augusta is the ideal location for you if you are seeking a trustworthy and secure marketplace to buy and sell rare metal like gold and silver. They are the go-to source for anything and everything about rare metal, having worked in the field for more than ten years. They provide a comprehensive range of goods and services, and all members of their staff are on hand around the clock to respond to any queries you might have. What exactly are you looking forward to? You can learn more about Augusta Precious metal and how they may assist you in safeguarding your possessions by following this link to get started.